10 thoughts on “Indoor Carpet Off-Road RC Racing

  1. Wayne bell Reply

    Is it ok if I come to see track on Saturday ? I want to know what poeple r running ? Have any idea what they r running ? And how many turnmotor is ur stock class ?

    • tpetrella Post authorReply

      Hello Wayne – Spectators are always welcome. Our 3 largest classes in order are 2wd 17.5 buggy, Modified Mini B and 4wd 13.5 buggy. Hope to see you trackside.

  2. Wayne bell Reply

    What scale was the mini again I want to ask wife but need scale sorry I just forgot it

  3. Wayne bell Reply

    I remember u said I could not a certain kind of esc could I use the trinity mx10 or I believe their is a mx6 as well ? And ur lap timer was what type ?

  4. Tony Graciano Reply

    I seen it says on Saturday there is club races… I was wondering how do I join the club??

    • tpetrella Post authorReply

      Hello Tony – There is no “club” so to speak to join. It is more of a term for a normal weekend race. I hope you’ll come out and race with us soon. We have a great time with awesome racers

  5. Tony Graciano Reply

    Ok thanks I appreciate that information!!!! Sounds awesome !!! I just got a Losi 22×4 and a TA RC1074.1 kits delivered yesterday I hope to be out in about 2 weeks. Thanks again for the information.. I can’t wait!!!!

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